When will my order be delivered?

Please head over to the delivery information page for all delivery details.

 How do I store my cookies?

Cookies can be stored in airtight containers at room temp short term or in the fridge for longer periods to maintain freshness. Give them a zap in the microwave to soften and let the fillings melt.

You can stash them in the freezer in a freezer safe container or bag for up to a month. Simply reheat in the oven or microwave or leave to thaw.

How long will they last?

They are best eaten fresh on delivery as we don't use any preservatives however they maintain their deliciousness for a number of days (1-7 days is suggested). 

Feel free to DM or email us for further information 

 I'm ordering as a gift, can I add a message?

Yes, just email us with the order number and message as soon as you've placed the order. Please ensure you provide the contact number for the recipient on the order. If the order is for the Gold Coast please let them know to expect a delivery between 6-9pm Friday evening.